A collaborative platform for instrumental transcommunication research

Instrumental transcommunication (ITC) is a practice during which one tries to record 'anomalous' physical phenomena. This platform is part of Varanormal's devices, an open and international community of transcommunicators.

How does this work

Dates and times are in universal UTC time (corresponding to UK time).

We provide three types of streams, text, video and audio. The website is not made to work on a smartphone or a tablet, on which you will likely not be able to use it properly. It is built to work on a PC, and tested with Firefox and Chrome, other browsers might not work.

Why a plaftorm

This website provides a collaborative platform for scientific explorations of ITC. Those investigations take a lot of time for those who seek connections, and most of the time, one need to both build ones apparatuses and carry many experiments with them. Very often, the lack of time limits investigations. Moreover, in a weak bridge, contacts still exist but need large quantities of analysis that cannot be done by using machine learning. This platform could circumvent typical ITC issues in several ways.

Which values we can share

By showing the transcendental nature of beings, ITC could make people understand the value of life, and lead some to become vegetarian. Moreover, ITC can show that one still exists when one dies, this brings comfort to those in need, and has many implications at all levels.

Afterlife knowledge will lift people away from material thinking, so we can accept our comfort to decrease, and this will open the door to finally tackling climate change.

Finally, ITC will bring a new scientific revolution and increase our knowledge as never before.


Please contact us via the forum, or privately to our US correspondents Keith Clark (keith@varanormal.com) and Michael Lee (msltoe2000@gmail.com, researcher in machine learning), our German correspondent Andrés Ramos (mail@andresramos.de, eletronics engineer) and/or our French one (garrigue@ceremade.dauphine.fr, researcher in mathematical physics).